Top 5 North Coast 500 Camping Sites to Visit in Scotland

Embark on a North Coast 500 Camping Adventure

The enchanting North Coast 500 sweeps through Scotland’s majestic Highlands, beckoning adventurers from afar. For those who yearn for an authentic connection with this mythical corner of the world, there’s no better way than camping amid its splendor. This curated travelogue highlights top North Coast 500 camping sites that promise unforgettable experiences amidst nature’s raw magnificence.

Choosing Your Ideal Campsite on the NC500

Selecting the perfect spot to pitch your tent involves several considerations. We’ve meticulously evaluated our recommended campsites based on their picturesque vistas, proximity to must-see landmarks, available facilities, and the quintessential camper’s experience. Only the crème de la crème have been included in our comprehensive guide, ensuring your stay is nothing short of spectacular.

Scenic Camping from Inverness to Applecross

Your itinerary begins in Inverness, the gateway to the North Coast 500. After enjoying urban comforts, prepare for the wilder sections ahead. A notable stop is the Beauly Firth Viewpoint Campsite, a pristine location famed for its twilight panoramas. Travel westward to reach Loch Maree Islands Retreat, a sanctuary marrying tranquility with the awe-inspiring Torridon landscape.

North Coast 500 Camping

West Coast Hidden Treasures

The West Coast trail reveals the Gairloch Sands Sanctuary, a campground that blends coastal serenity with robust mountainous scenery. Nearby, the Corrieshalloch Gorge illustrates the untamed beauty of Scotland. Ardmair Point Paradise is another gem, offering stargazing and marine exploration near the Summer Isles.

Essential features of a lightweight travel chair should be considered when preparing for the journey, as comfort is key during rest stops.

The Untamed North-Western Highlands

Further north, the Assynt Field Campgrounds await. Here, amidst geological wonders like Suilven, campers find a deep bond with the land. In proximity, the Cape Wrath Wilderness Camp provides seclusion and a profound encounter with the vast Atlantic, inviting introspection amid the elements.

The Lore of Caithness and Sutherland

Traversing northward, you’ll unearth campsites rich in stories and tradition. The Dunnet Bay Dreamland offers insights into Viking history, while Thurso Thistle Campground connects visitors to the heritage and heart of Thurso town.

East Coast Sojourns

As your travels lead you down the east coast, the ambiance softens. Dornoch Beachfront Bivouac presents a family-friendly haven that captures the east coast’s gentle spirit. Concluding your journey, Invergordon Navy Yard Campsite allows a peek into Scotland’s nautical past, rounding off your grand North Coast 500 camping odyssey.

Closing Thoughts on North Coast 500 Camping

Completing the North Coast 500 circuit leaves a quilt of memories woven against the backdrop of the Highlands’ dual serenity and savagery. Through camping along this route, you not only witness Scotland’s breathtaking wilderness but also live within it—savoring each moment under the stars. Each site serves as a gateway to Scotland’s soul, beckoning you to venture forth and script your own epic story on these ancient, whispering roads.

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