Discovery Princess Cruise Experience: Top 5 Luxurious Features

Embarking on the Discovery Princess Cruise Experience

Step aboard the remarkable Discovery Princess, a marvel in contemporary cruise travel, and be welcomed into an atrium flooded with sunlight. Spiralling staircases invite you to explore realms of luxury and fascination.

Culinary Journeys Aboard Discovery Princess

This seafaring palace boasts a wealth of epicurean delights. Enjoy Michelin-Star inspired eateries that deliver an array of exquisite flavours, from the succulent offerings at the Crown Grill steakhouse to fresh Neapolitan pizzas at Alfredo’s Pizzeria. The prestigious Chef’s Table Lumiere provides a privileged glimpse into culinary craftsmanship paired with an exceptional tasting menu.

Discovery Princess Cruise Experience

Luxurious Accommodations on Discovery Princess

Retreat to your personal haven on board, with accommodations ranging from sumptuous Balcony Staterooms to the resplendent Sky Suites. Every suite is a testament to luxury, offering panoramic vistas and attentive service.

Entertainment and Engagement for All Ages

The Princess Theater presents mesmerizing performances, while Movies Under the Stars transforms the evening into an outdoor cinematic event. A variety of youth programs, from the magical Treehouse to the fashionable Beach House, ensure young sailors are delightfully entertained.

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Enriching Activities & Wellness on the High Seas

Engage in activities like Discovery at SEA seminars and unwind in our avant-garde Fitness Center or serene Lotus Spa. Enhance your journey with wellness and knowledge alike.

Visit Breathtaking Destinations

Travel to awe-inspiring locales with the Discovery Princess, each port an opportunity to forge indelible memories.

Innovation for an Effortless Sail

With the introduction of OceanMedallion™, experience ease and convenience at every turn on your luxurious maritime journey.

Sustaining Beauty for Tomorrow

Your indulgence comes with the knowledge that environmental sustainability is woven into the very fabric of your voyage.

Embark on the Discovery Princess Cruise Experience – a symphony of luxury, discovery, and unforgettable moments at sea.

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